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Nanowrimo Virtual - The Return with the Elixir

The time has finally come, you are only a few scenes away from writing those final two words. The End. Terrified and jubilated as you might feel in mixed measure, there is one last step along our Hero's journey to find. The Return. Our main character(s) step back into their ordinary world, battered and bruised, holding the elixir that has made the path they walked worth every grueling step. Thie elixir can be a physical item or not. Love or self-worth are often used as forms of non-corporeal elixirs. The most important part, however, to this step is change. From this elixir the world where your character once came has changed right alongside them. (Hopefully for the better.) An orphan now has a family and home, the empire is defeated and the oppressed are free, the villainous train robbers that killed Timmy's parents have gotten theirs. Make sure all those loose sub-plotty ends are tied up, and good luck. I know you are ready to type those last two words. You have earned them.  

Word count goal for today is 45,009. 

Friday, November 27, 2020
All Day Event
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