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Nanowrimo Virtual - Resurrection

On the cusp of re-entering the ordinary world with spoils in hand, our Hero meets the climax of the story. The villain is rearing its ugly head for the last time and now it is not just your character who is at stake, it is the whole world. All they have learned leads to this. Your character has battled zombies, lawyers, and wildfires. they are scared, bruised, battered, and it is time for them to be reborn for the final time. Old allies once lost may return, but it is your main character who must deliver the final blow. After the climax in the action there is space for others. Mental, emotional, and spiritual changes have occurred and they need to be recognized for your character's arch to be complete.  

Word goal for today is 41,675.

Wednesday, November 25, 2020 Show more dates
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